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HIB Lucy Mirror on Mirror


HIB Lucy Mirror on Mirror

The Lucy Wall Mounted Mirror from Hib is a rectangular bevelled mirror on mirror with a hieght of 80 cm and width of 40cm. An Ideal Mirror for your bathroom or wet room.

We have on display at our Harrogate bathroom showroom a wide range of Hib mirrors

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I purchased this bat

Posted by Ibli on 4th Mar 2016

I purchased this bath caebnit for a remodel on my own house,let me tell you,this was the toughest vanity I have ever installed.I am a general contractor with over 25 years experiance.If you are replacing a existing 60 caebnit you will have to re-plumb the water supplies and the p-trap,there is only so much room in the caebnit because the drawers are cut out in the middle to slide around the p-trap (drain pipe)leaving you with clearance of 5 wide,then you have to deal with the hight,set the trap to low and you will be below the shelf,set it to high and the stopper will hit the pipe so you cannot plug the drain.The angle stops are a little better,if you can keep them tight to the wall the drawers don't go back all the way so you should be alright.Even after re-plumbing the wall and installing the caebnit I hat to cut the two drawers and re configure to close around the p-trap.The caebnit looks great now that it's in but alot of extra work. Good luck if your not a plumber or a carpenter.