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Abacus Temptation Round Shower Head EcoAir 100

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With eco-friendliness a bigger concern than ever before for the conscientious homeowner, having facilities that can offer both the functionality and quality you expect combined with ecologically-friendly technology is key. this Shower Head from Abacus provides both eco-friendly water consumption in combination with attractive design elements in a compact 100mm diameter package.

Designed with a beautiful chrome finish, this shower head is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom or facility, combining modern elements with a rounded, classic design. This compact, attractive design doesn't just save on space, it also offers an alternative to larger shapes and sizes to perfectly match the decor of any bathroom. From the Temptation range and beyond, this shower head is the perfect way to modernise any contemporary bathroom.

Abacus' ECO AIR technology works to reduce the amount of water wasted, and for all fixtures featuring this technology, you can be sure that functionality and eco-friendliness go hand in hand at all times.


  • Round fixed shower head
  • Shower head can be mounted from the wall or ceiling with an arm
  • The shower head features a chrome finish
  • ECO AIR technology


  • Dimensions: 100 (diam) x 13(d) mm


  • 15 years from the manufacturer

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