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Abacus Silver Travertine Marble Tile

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Do you need stylish, modern tiles to complete your bathroom’s decorative tiling? If so, these silver Travertine tiles are ideal for you. Their sleek, silver colouration gives them an up-to-date look that’s great for contemporary and ultra-modern bathrooms. Meanwhile, their simple, square and rectangular shape lends them an understated air, meaning that they won’t overwhelm your existing tiling. They are highly versatile and are ideal for framing almost any set of tiles. Like all border tiles, they can be used to make new or existing tile-sets look neater and more aesthetically varied.

The tiles are made of marble, which makes them durable. It also means that they are smooth and can therefore be cleaned with ease. They are available in two different sizes (61cm x 40.6cm or 40.6cm x 40.6cm), so you can choose the size that is best suited to your particular bathroom.

The tiles are supplied by Abacus, so you can feel confident about their quality.


  • Silver Travertine tiles
  • 2 individual tile dimensions available
  • Natural marble 
  • Honed finish
  • Smooth chamfered edge 
  • Tiles are supplied in polystyrene cartons


  • Individual tile dimensions: 40.6 x 40.6cm or 61 x 40.6cm
  • Thickness: 1.2cm
  • Tiles Per Box: 5
  • Number of tiles per sq/m: 6.07 (40.6 x 40.6cm) / 4.04 (61 x 40.6cm)


  • 15 years from the manufacturer


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