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Abacus Series 1 Oval Tileable Bath Surround Kit

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As with so many other aspects and decisions in life, the devil is in the detail. This is particularly true with your home design - you spend a lot of time, and invest a great deal of cash and energy, in your home. You want it to perfectly fit the ideal image and aspirations you have for it, and these small, seemingly insignificant details can really make or break the final look of a room.

With this tileable bath surround kit from the Abacus Series 1 range, you can truly bring your vision to life, customising the final appearance of the Series 1 oval inset bath to whatever your heart desires. These high quality tiles give a classic finish to the bath, and can instantly update the look of an entire room with minimal effort. Add glamour and class to your bathroom and allow yourself to truly relax and unwind in your own personal corner of quietness.


  • Create multiple design options from one Kit
  • Freestanding oval bath surround (to tile)
  • Gives the ultimate designer finish


  • Designed for the 1800 x 800mm Series 1 oval inset bath


  • 15 years from the manufacturer




Abacus Series 1 Oval Tileable Bath Surround Kit Reviews

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