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Abacus Peek Metal Polish - 100ml



Now that you have chosen your Abacus towel warmer or radiator, you will want to ensure that you keep it looking at its best. Over time, unless cared for properly, chrome, stainless steel and painted products can lose their shine, and after being covered with wet towels, steam and splashes, rust can appear which ruins not only the look of your towel warmer or radiator, but also can invalidate your guarantee.

Abacus Peek Metal Polish is specially formulated to maintain and care for your towel warmer and keep it looking like new. We supply a small sample tube of polish with every purchase, but recommend adding the 100ml tube to your order to keep your towel warmer in tip-top condition. Used periodically it provides protection from oxidisation and chemical attack in the damp environment of your bathroom or wet room, ensuring that your towel warmer will look as good as new for many years to come.


  • Suitable for chrome, stainless steel or painted towel warmers
  • Designed to protect surface finishes in a damp environment from chemical attack
  • Periodically clean to maintain the surface finish of you towel warmer


  • 15 years from the manufacturer

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