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Abacus Lustrolite High Gloss Glacier Bathroom Panel 2070 x 1000 x 4mm



If you want a product which looks like glass, but which has characteristics of a tougher, more durable material, this high gloss Glacier bathroom panel could be just what you're looking for. It's constructed from multiple layers of acrylic, which gives the panel exceptional longevity and also improves safety as it won't shatter on impact (the panel is able to withstand an impact 20 times greater than glass can).

Easy to maintain and capable of withstanding bleach and other household chemicals without any ill effects, the panel is also incredibly lightweight - the panel is just one-quarter of the weight of an equivalently sized glass product.

Adding plenty of visual appeal to any bathroom, this panel gives a fresh, clean, modern look at the same time as being a reliable, tough fitting that can cope with the challenges of humidity and rapid temperature change which bathroom materials have to endure.


  • Glacier coloured Lustrolite panel
  • Has an advanced multi-layer acrylic sheet that looks like glass
  • The colour is permanently fused to the clear layer and is highly resistant to typical shower and glass cleaners,
    because of its unique hard coated surface
  • Effortless to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lustrolite has 20 times the impact strength, whilst weighing less than a quarter of a traditional glass sheet
  • High scratch resistant surface


  • Dimensions: 2070(w) x 4(d) x 1000(h) mm


  • 15 years from the manufacturer

Abacus Lustrolite High Gloss Glacier Bathroom Panel 2070 x 1000 x 4mm Reviews

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Cheapest on the web

Posted by Bob Hesp on 30th Mar 2013

Thanks for the help