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Abacus Emotion Slide Rail

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Elegantly-designed and precision-manufactured, this slide rail is the very picture of sleek, modern, contemporary bathroom style. Measuring 788mm in length,  this slide rail is absolutely perfect for any bathroom size, large or small - and is the ideal implement for attaching your shower head firmly and securely to the wall.

With the Emotion slide rail fitted, you won't need to worry about your shower becoming loose or insecure over time: once this slide rail is installed, it stays installed – securely, for peace of mind. The Abacus Emotion rail is manufactured from fine-quality stainless steel, and has been given a chrome-plated finish for an attractive, aesthetically-appealing, glossy and shiny appearance.

Other advantages of having a chrome finish include it being easy to wipe clean every day, due to its smooth, friction-repellent surface, and increased corrosion-resistance – due to its hard-wearing metallic properties.


  • Slide rail
  • Chrome Finish


  • Slide rail length: 788mm


  • 15 years from the manufacturer


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