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Abacus Easi-Plan Manifold Bracket



The perfect bathroom starts with getting the planning right. Abacus have a range of high performance, high-quality plumbing products like this Easi-Plan manifold bracket that deliver an effortlessly professional end result for your bathroom. Easi-Plan have designed a flexible range of concealed sanitary ware fixing products that are ideal for creating a very modern and streamlined look in your bathroom.

The Easi-Plan manifold system is designed for in-wall void installations that give that super sleek look to any plumbing installation. This extending bracket has an adjustable length between 360-430mm and can be used to secure an Easi-Fold manifold distributor for a robust and long-lasting result. The manifold system will then ensure the even distribution of mains pressure water to each of your bathroom products for ultimate serviceability.

Quiet and straightforward to install, the Easi-Plan manifold system allows you to maximise the space in your bathroom without compromising its contemporary designer look.


  • Manifold bracket for Easi-Plan water distribution manifolds
  • Adjustable length 360-430 mm


  • 15 years from the manufacturer

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