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Abacus DEVImat DTIR-150 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 1.5 Sq Mtr



Aside from ease of operation and minimal maintenance, a further advantage of this innovative and economical heating system is that it's been manufactured in a way that makes it suitable to overlie a concrete floor or Abacus Elements floors.

Concrete flooring presents specific challenges when it comes to heating, so using a custom product that can work effectively in close proximity to concrete is always a good idea. This DEVImat 1.5 square metre under floor heating mat is intended to be fitted into the mortar or tile adhesive which is placed beneath the floor tiles. Once in place, the tiles are simply placed over the top. Underfloor heating allows an even spread of heat across the room, avoiding the unpleasant cooler areas which can occur with "one spot" forms of heating such as radiators.

The temperature of the heating and the length of time it's on for can be altered using a remote control and a wall-mounted thermostat ensuring the under floor heating system is cost-effective.


  • 1.5 square metre of electric under floor heating
  • Designed for use with concrete construction and Abacus Elements floors
  • 500mm wide ultra-thin mats
  • Easy to install within the layer of tile adhesive
  • Accurate control with DEVIreg touch and smart controllers


  • 225W (150W per m/sq)
  • For concrete floors use one controller per 23m/sq


  • 10 years warranty from the manufacturer

Abacus DEVImat DTIR-150 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 1.5 Sq Mtr Reviews

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Well done

Posted by Sarah-Jane on 15th Mar 2013

Thanks for helping transform my bathroom it was worth every penny