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Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 3.0 Sq Mtr



Although often seen as a high-end, luxury addition to a bathroom, the reality is that underfloor heating is relatively inexpensive to fit and economical to run. Unlike a radiator, which often takes a while to heat up and may be problematic to time minutely, these electric under floor heating mats are quickly and accurately controlled using a remote control and thermostat system.

Simple to install, the 3.0 square meters of heating mat sits beneath the floor tiles, set into the tile adhesive. Ideal for use with tiles that overlie a timber floor, this form of heating is safe for use in the bathroom, as moisture doesn't penetrate the tiled floor.

DEVImat underfloor heating is a brilliant option for small bathrooms as the ultra-thin mats don't take up any additional room in the same way that a radiator or heater would. Underfloor heating also requires little time to heat up, ensuring you can have a warm floor to enjoy exactly as and when you need it.


  • 3.0 square metres of electric under floor heating
  • For use with timber construction floors
  • 500mm wide ultra-thin mats
  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed within the layer of tile adhesive
  • For use with DEVIreg smart and touch controllers


  • 300W (100W per m/sq)
  • For timber floors use one controller per 35m/sq


  • 10 years warranty from the manufacturer

Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 3.0 Sq Mtr Reviews

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Great service

Posted by Woody on 17th Mar 2013

Great service ordered on wednesday arrived Thursday Thanks.