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Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 2.0 Sq Mtr



Wouldn't it be easier if underfloor heating came in a pre-formed mat of coils which could be set into the tile adhesive underlying the bathroom tiles? Well now it does! This 2.0 square metre section of electric underfloor heating provides the fast warmth you want to avoid cold feet in the bathroom, at the same time as being economical, straight-forward to lay and built to last.

The heating coils are very thin, enabling this product to be laid under tiles with no increase in the height of the floor. Once in place, tiles are laid over the top, rendering the coils invisible. When required, the timing of the electric coil heating and the required temperature can be altered using a remote control and a thermostat.

Taking up no additional room in what can often be quite a crowded location, bathroom underfloor heating provides a delightfully luxurious touch for a surprisingly small outlay.


  • 2.0 square metres of electric under floor heating
  • For use with timber construction floors
  • Easy to install
  • Economical to use
  • Can be installed within the layer of tile adhesive adding no extra height to your bathroom floor
  • For use with DEVIreg smart and touch controllers
  • Ultra-thin mats are 500mm wide


  • 200W (100W per m/sq)
  • For timber floors use one controller per 35m/sq


  • 10 years warranty from the manufacturer

Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 2.0 Sq Mtr Reviews

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Great service

Posted by Sam Rye on 27th Mar 2013

Thanks for helping transform my bathroom it was worth every penny