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Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 12.0 Sq Mtr



Have you got a larger bathroom that would benefit from a touch of warmth during the cooler months? This 12.0 sq m DEVImat under floor heating mat may be what you're looking for. Sized to fit a larger area, the under floor heating mat can be installed at the same time as tiling the floor - just fit the heating coils into the mortar and fit the tiles on top. Once the tiles are in place, it's impossible to tell that the coils are in situ, as they take up no additional space.

Powered by electricity, one of the most environmentally friendly energy forms, the coils will quickly heat to the desired temperature for as long as you require with a controller/thermostat, providing a toasty warm floor surface that diffuses heat into the rest of the space.

The coils are suitable for most timber construction floors and provide an economical and highly efficient method of providing an adequate source of heating.


  • Electric under floor heating - 12.0 square metres
  • Designed for DEVIreg smart and touch controllers
  • Ultra-thin mats are 500mm wide
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Adds no extra height to your bathroom floor as can be installed within the layer of tile adhesive
  • For use with timber construction floors


  • 1200W (100W per m/sq)
  • For timber floors use one controller per 35m/sq


  • 10 years warranty from the manufacturer

Abacus DEVImat DTIR-100 Series Electric Under Floor Heating 12.0 Sq Mtr Reviews

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Posted by Bob Hesp on 15th Mar 2013

Great product, Delivered the next day as promised, Thanks my bathrooms Ill be back