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Abacus Beige Travertine Marble Border Tile

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Bathroom tiles are available in a huge variety of different styles and colours and can be used to augment, tweak or reinforce your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. These Travertine tiles from Abacus are designed to be installed around the edge of your main tiles to create a neat, visually-pleasing border. Their beige colouring lends them a subtly rustic, natural aesthetic. As a result, they are ideal for traditional bathrooms and bathrooms that are inspired by nature. However, they can also be used to offset more modern features in contemporary and industrial-style bathrooms. For example, they counterpoint chrome and polished-marble bathroom surfaces beautifully.

Because they are made from marble, these border tiles are hard-wearing, smooth and easy to clean. They also come in several different sizes, so you won’t have any difficulty fitting them around your main tiles, regardless of how large or small they are. We can wholeheartedly recommend these tiles for almost any bathroom.


  • Beige Travertine border tiles
  • Natural marble with a chamfered edge
  • Honed finish and filled to give an even surface
  • Supplied in polystyrene cartons


  • Individual tile dimensions: 30.5(w) x 2.7(d) x 2(h) cm
  • 53 tiles per carton


  • 15 years from the manufacturer


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