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Abacus 10 Light Round LED Walkover Kit



Lighting can change the appearance of any room, and in a bathroom, it can be a focal point of the design. Using white round LED lights creates a welcoming and bright appearance in your bathroom, as well as providing a full light all day.

The Abacus LED Walk Over Kit includes ten 25mm round daylight coloured LED heads which can be spaced around the places in your bathroom you need to light up. The replaceable LED heads have 1.5m of cable between each one and have a recess of 80mm. The length of the cable and medium size of the LED heads means these lights are suitable for use under, over or along places in your bathroom as well as concealed or exposed.

The Kit has been given an IP67 rating, meaning it can be used in both the Zone 2 and 3 areas of your bathroom - guaranteed to allow light to reach all the areas required. They are protected from water immersion up to 1m and include dust-tight protection.

The daylight LED Walk Over Kit can satisfy all your bathroom’s lighting needs.


  • LED Walk Over Kit with 10 x 25mm lights
  • Colour: Daylight
  • Replaceable white LED heads
  • 1.5 metres of cable between each light
  • Energy efficient and long lasting


  • Overall diameter of lights: 25mm
  • Cut out: 20mm
  • Recess depth: 80mm
  • IP67 rated (Zone 2 and 3) therefore protected from water immersion
    up to 1m and offers dust tight protection
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Wattage: 0.75W


  • 15 years from the manufacturer


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