£786.00 £628.80
Abacus Direct Elegance Titan Radiator Anthracite 3598 BTU Height (mm) 350 Width (mm) 1265 Output (watts) 1055 Output (BTU) 3598  
£702.00 £561.60
Abacus Direct Elegance Titan Radiator White 35598 BTU Height (mm) 350 Width (mm) 1268 Output (Watts) 1055 Output (BTU) 3598  
£498.00 £398.40
Abacus Direct Elegance Titan Radiator White 3896 BTU Height (mm) 800 Width (mm) 576 Output (Watts) 1142 Output (BTU) 3896   Th
£810.00 £648.00
Abacus Direct Elegance Titan Radiator White 6314 BTU Height (mm) 800 Width (mm) 978 Output (Watts) 1852 Output (BTU) 6314   Th

Abacus Direct Bathroom Towel Radiators from My Bathrooms

The idea of finesse and luxury in bathrooms goes well beyond the basic bath items and as far as bathrooms are concerned, luxury and comfort are synonymous with heating. Needed for people of all ages and suitable for use in all seasons, bathroom heating equipment such as radiators are a must have now. Whether your bathroom is modern or traditional, the radiators at My Bathrooms can be effortlessly made a part of your bathroom, adding opulence and enhancing user experience at the same time in affordable prices.

Bathroom Radiator

Bathroom undoubtedly is an area in the house that one wants to be comforting with a relaxing environment. My Bathrooms has a range of bathroom radiators. The important thing to look out for when buying a radiator is the heat output which is measured in BTUs. The radiators available at My Bathrooms come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, materials and colors, from the elegant white through to timeless anthracite from brands such as Abacus Direct. The Titan radiator from Abacus Direct is the perfect solution to the heating requirements of your bathroom, wet room or showering area. Apart from the standard colors available, custom colors for the radiators can also be provided upon request. This designer product provides unmatchable heating for the bathroom along with an aesthetically appealing and structured design element added. Every bathroom radiator that My Bathrooms provides is individually cleaned and inspected by hand. Only after careful inspection, the radiator is wrapped with instruction manual and boxed in a high quality rigid cardboard transport box.


The sleek radiators do not take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Radiators are stylish as well as highly functional and practical. Complete your bathroom furniture by adding this must have item soon! My Bathrooms offers a ten year guarantee on the product and the return policy is in place as well. Abacus Direct’s Titan Radiator is sandblasted before powder coating it to ensure maximum adhesion.