This appliance is a heated towel warmer perfect for adding a touch of class and comfort to your bathroom. It is available in white or chrome colouring to suit your bathroom and has been tested to 16 bar to ensure that it is safe to install in your...
This radiator from the Radius range by Abacus has a curved design that enables easier hanging of towels and also makes the heat dissipate more effectively into the room. This towel warmer is suitable for nearly any sized room, available in 750, 1120 or...

Heated Towel Rails by My Bathrooms

Space saving and stylish heated towel rails do not come in handy on cold days only, they are equally useful on not so cold days as well, as they add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom, save the space taken up by a radiator, keeps the bathroom warm and of course warm towels for you every time you use your bathroom!

Even as the temperatures fall below freezing points, My Bathrooms knows all you need to keep your bathroom cozy and comfortable for those long warm baths! From underfloor heating to a lot of different variants such as chrome, anthracite, white and stainless steel heated towel rails. We also have in stock all the accessories you require for easy installation of these towel rails such as pipes, robe hooks, thermostats and electric heating element. The products we put forth to our customers come from leading brands such as My Range, Abacus Direct, Bauhaus, Danfoss Devi and Keramag Designs. By shopping for the heated towel rails online or from My Bathrooms showroom in Harrogate or Oxford, you can avail surprisingly catchy discounts!

Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating by Danfoss Devi are highly effective for keeping your bathroom warm and for giving you a snug feeling every time you enter the bathroom. My Bathrooms has them in a wide variety, separate for concrete floors as well as timber floors. The temperature heating mats can be controlled by the sophisticated thermostats that come with and can be fixed in a wall.

Uber chic and stylish chrome, white, anthracite and stainless steel heated towel rails are available from high-end brands such as Bauhaus, Abacus Direct and My Range at highly affordable prices. These towel rails are nothing short of a stunning statement piece that adds elegance to your bathroom in addition to the functional benefits.

Traditional Towel Rail Warmer

To maintain the traditional look of your bathroom and indulging in something hi-tech simultaneously, the best option is Abacus Direct traditional heated towel rails. These Chrome towel rails come in Sovereign as well as Half-Sovereign variants, with a yearlong guarantee and absolutely free delivery!